Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I Have Only Nine

Talk about a never ending project.  Way back in 2013 I bought an envelope full of very old postcards that the seller referred to as the flirtation collection.  Basically, most of the cards had a romantic theme.  Some were obviously based on photographs, and those are posted on this blog.  Pure illustration are on my Fair Use blog.  Betwixt and between is a best guess. All are tagged flirtation in labels, at the bottom of the post, so that other cards can easily referenced..

Despite the assurances of the seller, I'm not sure I view this one as all that romantic.  Still it's part of the collection.  As a rule, I don't post the backs of cards, but I liked the publishers logo.  Bamford & Company opened for business in 1870 and finally went of business in 1990, which is a very long time for a postcard publisher.  They opened their New York offices in 1906, so the one thing we can know is that this card was published after that date.  Gotta love the old studio camera.

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