Friday, March 10, 2017

Mister Moon Is Watching From Above

Well this one has a photo copyright for De Witt C. Wheeler, so there's no confusion about the origins of the actual image on the card.  Of course, I do concede that the moon is clearly an illustrated addition.

There is a written message on the back.  "Jan 20 th.  Friend Orin, There is a good theatre over to skowhegan next Mon. tues. & wed. will it be so you can come down tues. if so and you can come on the 2 oclock train I will come to the station when I get off C.E.P." The card was mailed to "Mr Orin Dolan, Salon, Me."  And the postmark, the name of the town has worn off, but the date's still there.  "1910, JAN 20 1 P.M. ME."

Anyway, De Witt Wheeler has made more than one appearance in this collection, so in addition to clicking on Flirtation in labels, De Witt C. Wheeler cards can also be seen by clicking on his name.

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