Friday, August 15, 2014

The Pforzheim Album 4

There are many things that computers don't do well, among them translations.  Schlosskirche, or Castle Church, was easy.  But, then I started in on German websites and things got a bit more complicated.  Despite the very, very bad English grammar of auto translate, I think this is right.....Construction on The Castle and Collegiate Church of St. Michael began in 1219 and continued, with some design changes until 1475.  It was heavily damaged in the February 23, 1945 RAF raid mentioned in post number two from this album.  Repairs and reconstruction continued until 1957.  Part of the late Romanesque building dating from 1220 to 1230 survived, and is one of only two buildings from the period to survive World War 2.

This is the only photo on this album page, and it's the only commercial postcard made for general sale to the public, in the album.

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