Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Pforzheim Album 13

The hidden picture.  A few posts ago I wrote that I had finished with the non real photo postcards.  I was wrong.  When I took out the top image for scanning, a wallet sized photo popped out.  Why was the second photo in this post hidden away?  I like the idea of some covert meaning, but the probable answer...It was too small to fit in the album pages mounts.  There is a photographer's stamp on the back.  "JOS. FIRNKES FOTOGRAF LAHR I. BAD.  KAISERSTRASSE 69"  Of course, when this photo was taken, the Kaiser was long gone.  Part of the treaty that ended World War 1.  In the group photo, take a close look.  They posed in the mud.

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  1. And the writing says: In memory of Rosa's departure. Franz