Friday, August 22, 2014

The Pforzheim Album 10

There's an embossed  logo on the bottom of the first image.  I couldn't make out the photographer's name, but I was able to figure out (I think.) the town name.  The only thing that gives me doubt is that Meiringer is not in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, like the other communities I've run across in this album.  It's  in Switzerland.

 Meiringer's claim to fame is it's proximity to the Reichenbach Falls, known to Sherlock Holmes fans as the place chosen by Arthur Conan Doyle to kill off the famous detective in The Adventure of the Final Problem.  Poor Doyle, he hated Holmes, but after the failure of what he considered his serious work, a series of Medieval romance novels, he was forced to resurrect Sherlock Holmes.  As a Holmes fan, I'm pleased.

The second image is the second of two snapshots in the album.

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  1. It is amazing that men's clothing style has not changed very much. His suit looks almost contemporary. The handkerchief appears to be edged with lace.
    I love these old photos.