Monday, January 13, 2014

Sverige, The Travelers Collection

To recap, a few months or so ago, I bought an envelope of prints.  The dealer told me that they all came from the same source.  Going through the photos, I noticed that this family did a lot of travelling, so it's designated the travelers collection, and, of course, can be seen in total by clicking on travelers collection in the labels section at the bottom of the post.

Written on the back, "Tommarp-Sverige"  Sverige is what the Swedish call Sweden.  Tommarp is a small town on the very southern tip of the country.  In 2010, it's population was all of 284.  I think Tommarp must have been the ancestral home of our travelling family.  I can't think of any other reason why anyone would have gone there and taken this picture.  I'd love to know if that car is an early Volvo.

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