Saturday, January 25, 2014

Instructions Included

I've just purchased an envelope of hand tinted photographs, some of which are related, the rest, just random images bundled together by the seller.  So, no collection designation on this one.  I'll put up some in the next week or so, then dribble out the rest as time and mood permits.

This one's an interesting place to start.  Of all the hand tinted pictures in my collection, this is the only one that has tinting instructions written on the back.  "Hair-dark bro., Eyes-Grey, Suit-Grey, Tie-dark-red & sobite."  It looks like the colorist disregarded the tie instructions, and what the hell is sobite?  Really, I want to know.  I've looked up the term online, and went through my collection of dictionaries, including the 1925 Webster's.  Nothing.  My best guess is that it's a trademarked name of a specific red tone.

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