Saturday, June 29, 2013

Down On the Farm

Ah, for the good old days when horses were working animals rather than pets, and there were no corporate farms.  Written on the back, "Milford Iowa"  According to Milford's website, Milford is a city in the great lakes region of Iowa.  But, with a population of 2,998 as of the 2010 census, I think most of us would say small town instead.  It's impossible to say with any certainty when this photo was taken, but just for reference,  Milford's population in 1920 was 908, 1930, 1062, and 1940, 1202.  The Iowa great lakes are three glacial lakes, and the largest natural lakes in Iowa.  Spirit Lake, at 5,684 acres is the largest of the three.  West and East Okaboji are the other two.

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