Monday, June 17, 2013

The North Texas State Normal College Album 26, The Loose Ones

Now that the album portion of this collection has been posted, it's time to start dealing with all the loose photos that were stuffed between the pages.  I'm not going to put them up in any particular order.  Just pulling them out of the box at random.

The top photo is a real photo postcard.  The young boy, in black & white, with the crew cut, written on the back, "Rodney L. Wallace. Age 6 yr. 11 mo. Best year in school 1963."  I've long thought that the owner of this album was a school teacher, and that message is more evidence for that assumption.  The bottom photo is also printed on postcard stock, but it's been trimmed down.  Written on the back, "Lots of love, Lorna."

As usual, click on NTSNC in the labels section at the bottom of the post to bring up the whole collection.

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