Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old Folks In California

This one is another photo from an ongoing series of pictures I've been finding at an antique mall that may or may not be related.  To see the others I've found, click on SGV family in the labels section at the bottom of the post.

California has always been a state that has attracted lots of newcomers.  Whether it's the ocean, desert, or mountains; cheap farm land or mine claims; a chance to leave the past behind and go to a place where no one cares what happened back east, California has been the great hope and refuge for the restless.  It's true that these four old gentlemen might have been Californians born and bread, but I'm guessing they were all part of the influx into the golden state.  But, if these guys are from the same family that has been showing up at the antique mall, I'm also guessing that it was the younger people in this series that were the true seekers of the California dream, and it was the old folks that got dragged along.

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