Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uncle Edd the Perv

I wonder how old the recipient of the postcard was.  In an America where the majority of people still lived on farms, and urban dwellers lived in cities where there were still plenty of horses, most  would have  understood what was being implied by this card.  Perhaps a small child wouldn't understand, but I'm not sure that would make it any better.  Who ever said that America in 1912 was pure and unsullied?

Written on the back, "Tuesday evening.  It is just 8 o'clock.  We expect Faith home for a day or so tonight.  Got your mother's letter all right hope you are gaining every day hope you will not miss much school.  Uncle Edd, all well."  Addressed to "Pearl Ober, Bradford Center, Maine"  Postmarked, "LOWELL, MASS SEP 11 10:30 AM  1912"

Poor Pearl, sick and getting hit on by her pervy uncle.  True, in a very round about way, but still....IT'S A PIPE!  Come on, we all know what he meant.

This is another image from the envelope of flirtation postcards that I bought a few weeks back.   It may take months to post all fifty, so I'm adding flirtation in the labels section at the bottom of the posts so anyone that's interested can bring them all up.

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