Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Living Room Nude

Once again, It's time to embarrass grandma.  As I've noted many times before, I spent decades working in photo labs.  In all the years I printed black & white photos, I never had a weak go by that I didn't print "personal" photos.  There were lots of amateur pin-ups, naked wives and girlfriends, some naked men, the occasional shot of people having sex, and a surprisingly large amount of cross dressing.  Now, I started printing well after the invention of Polaroid instant photography, worked well into the digital age, and pretty much specialized in black & white.  All things considered, I've come to the conclusion that there are hundreds of millions of such photos floating around out there.  So why are they so hard to find?   My theory is that parents die, their kids find that special envelope of images, and it's "Oh my God!  It's naked mom.  Why is dad wearing that designer dress?  They're doing what?"  Those photos don't end up in the family archive, they get, quickly, fed into the shredder.  From my stand point, that's a terrible thing.

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