Friday, May 3, 2013

The North Texas State Normal College Album 23

That's one strange looking doll in the first picture.  I've never understood the relationship between girls and their dolls.  I know women my age (58) who can remember, in detail, their dolls.  I have vague memories of Tonka trucks and green army soldiers, but not in the detail I've heard adult women describe their favorite doll.

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  1. Girls and their dolls is really easy to explain. First off they are often your "best" friend who listens to you. Secondly, they allow you to do as your mother does, which is to be a mom. So often they're both your best friend and your child. I think Tonka trucks play at least one similar role in letting boys imagine themselves being adult men. Stereotypical toys for sure, but what kids will gravitate to. Now, I always wished I had a few Tonka toys. I had a grand little tethered motor car my dad got me in Hong Kong, but alas it never came out of storage.