Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Family Tree

The seller referred to them as flirtation postcards, an envelope of fifty plus cards, all with a romantic theme.  Needless to say, I won't be posting them all at once.  The ones that are based on photographs will be here, the one that are pure illustration will be on my Fair Use blog.

This card may be a bit flirty, but the message is not.  "Dear Margret, from Albert."  That's it.  I'm thinking poor Albert didn't do too well with the ladies.  There's a second message added on, "P.S. still looking for that letter, Ida."  Addressed to "Miss Margret Bickford, Abbott Vil., ME, RFD."  For those not country enough, RFD stands for Rural Free Delivery.  Yes, you still had to buy a stamp, but the delivery was subsidized so that postal rates were the same as rates within cities, and, like in a city, delivery was to the home of the intended, rather than just to the local post office.  Postmarked, "BANGOR, MAINE FEB 27, 1911, 12:30 PM"

And finally, this is a Theochrom card.  Theochrom was a trade name for the Theodor Eismann Company of Leipzig, Germany and New York, New York.  They were in business from 1908-1914.

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