Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wendy Summers, Stripper by Gene Laverne

Technically this is not a photograph, but a halftone. A halftone is an image made by a series of dots, varying in either size or distance from each other to create the illusion of an image. I used to make halftone negatives at the photo lab where I worked, all the time. They were used primarily for newspaper advertisements. Gene Laverne was a photographer from Buffalo, New York who specialized in glamour, and theatrical photography, was well known for his portraits of strippers. This image is captioned, "WENDY SUMMERS, BALTIMORE" I did a web search for Wendy Summers, and couldn't find anything about this lady.


  1. Here she is again.

    And apparently she appeared in ADAM magazine at least once. Vol 18 No. 8.

    It was probably a stage name, so it will be tough to trace.

  2. The Wendy Summers who appeared in Adam Vol 18 No 8 (Aug 1974) is a cute brunette with freckles and pointy puffies.

  3. (The following link expires 2/11/2011.)

    Wendy can be seen on the cover of Adam.

  4. Gene Laverne in Buffalo photographed numerous burlesque stars of the 50s and 60s. I'd love to find a collection of his work somewhere. He was great.