Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prom Queen and Graduate

Three photos of Miss Candy Fickes, very likely from Cloverdale, California. The photo of Candy in her prom gown is labeled, "Candy Fikes, first formal." The two graduation pictures not only have Candys' name written on the back but a photographers stamp, "PHOTO BY C. FRANK TILESTON, Jr. CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA." I tried running Candy Fikes on Google and didn't come up with anything. C. Frank Tileston, however, came up with a death notice and dates, March 25, 1918 to December 7, 2002. If these photos were taken in the sixties, that means Tileston would have been in his forties or fifties when taken. I also found a notation of a Chester Tileston, a student at Cloverdale High from 1961-65.

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