Sunday, March 28, 2010


An estate collection bought from a dealer in Modesto, California. Usually when I buy one of these small collections it's one or two of the photos that I'm really interested in. The images that really grabbed me are of the old photo booth strip, clearly the oldest of the lot, the woman on the ships gang plank, and the picture of the young lady getting her pants mended while across the lap of the seamstress. Only some of these photographs are labeled in any way. The school children, some standing, some sitting, "Roosevelt Jr. High Librarians." Because of the age, I'm guessing that the Roosevelt referenced is Theodore, not Franklin. One of the sailors has either "Dale," most likely or the rather impersonal, "Date" written on the front of the photo. The woman and the baby in the small wheel barrow, "Betty, Mother" The small boat, most likely taken in San Fransisco Bay, has "Waperry" stamped on the border, part of which can be seen in the scan. The young lady on the gang plank, "October 3-'31 Faye Maple." The small child sitting on the mule, "Larry & Grandpa Scott." And the three children, the little boy in the middle flanked by the two small girls, "Aug. 15-1932, Elaine, Raymond Maple, Betty."

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