Friday, March 12, 2010

From Germany

A very small collection of five photographs from Germany. The photo of the two older people is labeled, "Augusta & Gustav Meyer, Germany 1943." Stamped, "C. Weiss, Bremen, Bruckenstr. 16, Fernrui 53283." Look closely at the woman's face and compare it with the woman in the family portrait with the uniformed soldier and child. Same shape and nose. There is no writting on the back of the print, but it is a photo post card, made for the personal use of the subjects, and the studio is identified, "Photo-Studio, Inh. Jul V. Kwanka, Hamburg, Reeperbahn 122/24 Ecke Talsstr." The picture of the house has, written on the back, "Home of Emma Schonewald, Wedel Germany." Labeled in English, but the lab stamp is in German, "Photo-Grote A1625 Wedel Muhlenstr." The other prints have some writing, but it's in German, either faded or smeared, and I can't really make it out. These photos run from World War 1 to World War 2. Where the people in these photos proud of Germany, the Kaiser and Hitler?

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