Monday, March 8, 2010

Kitty Davis Night Club of the Air

Sometimes it's possible to dig up quite a bit of info on these old souvenir photo folders, and if I had been willing to pay to browse Google's large collection of old newspapers, I could write pages of info on Kitty Davis. Without bankrupting myself, this is what I've been able to put together. Kitty Davis and her husband, Daniel ran a nightclub in Chicago which was closed down by the police in the early 1940's. It was advertised as having waitresses who were refined college students. It seems they were neither refined or students and the activities of the wait staff had something to do with the closure. The most logical explanation would be a soliciting beef. Kitty and Daniel relocated to Miami Beach and ran a very popular club during the war years. Despite what the folder cover implies, the club was not in a plane, but did have an aviation theme with lots of propellers on the walls. I know that Davis continued to operate her club into the late forties, but free info dies out for me about then. Printed on the back cover, "For Extra Copies Write to PUBLICITY DEPT. OF ABBEY-STARR 1108 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Fla. Ask for No. 3707." Written on the inside cover is the date, 5-6-44" Sadly, the sailors and their lady friend aren't identified.


  1. Picked a Kitty Davis glass drink stir also advertising Bud beer. Will be listing on ebay Monday, April 4. Thanks for your write-up! -- Jack (269)449-6213

  2. just dug up the same brochure with my parents pic in in from 1945

  3. yup, have the same folder with my parents picture inside. searched and found your blog. nice to read the info.