Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Trocadero, Hollywood, California

The Trocadero Supper Club was opened in 1934 by William R. Wilkerson. It soon became a favorite night spot for regulars Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Jackie Gleason, Henry Fonda, and Judy Garland. In the mid 1930s it became the place to Jitterbug in Los Angeles. Ted Healy, of Ted Healy and His Stooges (Yes, the three stooges were originally a four person act, with Healy as the bullying, leader of the group. Moe was one of the victims when Healy was the leader.) was beaten to death in a drunken brawl in the Trocadero, allegedly by Wallace Beery and studio exec, Eddie Mannix. The Trocadero closed in 1946. No name on this one. The lady seems like she's enjoying herself. Dated November 10, 1945, she had a lot to celebrate. V-E Day was May 8, 1945, and V-J Day was August 15, 1945. Printed on the back cover, "IF YOU DESIRE ADDITIONAL PRINTS OF THIS PICTURE WRITE TO THEATRE DISPLAY, 1614 W. WASHINGTON BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. REPUBLIC 3-1101 AND MENTION THE TROCADERO AND THIS NO. (1) AND DATE (Nov. 10, 1945) PICTURES ARE $1.50 EACH, TAX AND MAILING INCLUDED." To see other souvenir photo folders go to posts from 8/1/09, 7/24/09, 7/1/09, and 6/15/09.

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