Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rogers Corner, Souvenir Photo Folder

What can I say, I love these old souvenir, photo folders. Like a lot of people, I'm nostalgic for an era I'm too young to have lived through. Even though I neither smoke, nor drink, and even though I have no sense of rhythm, I love the idea of night clubs, floor shows, fine dining, and dancing. I fed every combination of Rogers Corner, Madison Square Garden I could think of into Google, and couldn't find anything on this club. The eagle crest on the front cover probably dates this to World War 2, but that's about the only real conclusion I can come to about this image. I have two folders from Rogers Corner. No dates or names are written anywhere on the inside frame of the two shot. The one with the four people has Sam, Sylvia, Leo, Selma, and Harry written across the bottom. Written inside the front cover, "The Rogue's Prize"Leo" You asked for it.", "To a nice girl from a great guy "ha ha', Love Harry", "Will you ever forget?" Selma.", and "To Sylvia. A very sweet girl and pleasant company. Sammy" Printed on the back, "SOUVENIR PHOTO $1.00 REMEMBRANCE OF A PLEASANT EVENING AT ROGERS CORNER." Also, "For extra copies write to: PLANETARY PHOTO 311 West 34th Street, New York 1, N.Y. Use Number on back of Print Stating date taken and name of club along with description of the Photo." For the record, the number is 6A. To see other foto folders, scroll back to 7/24/09, 7/1/09, and 6/15/09.

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