Friday, August 7, 2009

Three More From Maurice Seymour

As I've noted before, (Two From Maurice Seymour, posted 6/22/09) Maurice Seymour was a Russian immigrant who opened a photo studio in Chicago, in the 1920s, who specialized in theatrical portraits. There is a stamp on the back of the photo of the dapper gentleman in the wild, print shirt, "THANKS FOR THE CREDIT MAURICE SEYMOUR PHOTOGRAPHER CHICAGO, ILLINOIS." There is no other info on the print. On the back of the man and woman, "JACK HOLLAND, JUNE HART" I found two movie credits for this couple on One for Dance band, from 1935 and Rubinoff and his Violin, from 1939. Also, I found info that they were a ball room dancing team that worked the night club circuit in New York City in the 1930s. On the two ladies sitting on the drum, hand written on the reverse, "Ray and Geraldine Hudson (The Hudson Wonders)" A web search found a theater credit on for Ray, Geraldine and Helene Hudson appearing in Star and Garter, a musical revue that opened on Broadway in 1943. The only interesting thing is that Ray is listed as a male performer. Either this is a picture of Geraldine and Helene, or Ray's sex was misidentified on ibdb, or Ray was a drag performer, or it's all a coincidence, and these two have no relation to Star and Garter.

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