Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Don't Weep or Sigh

No, this collection is not a never ending project.  Away back in 2013, I bought an envelope of postcards that the seller referred to as his flirtation set.  (Click on flirtation in labels to see other cards.)  Most are based on photographs, some are pure illustration, which get posted on my Fair Use blog, and some, well I can't be 100% certain, so I use my best judgement on which blog gets the post.
This one's pretty easy, since it has a photo credit on the border.  Scott and Van Altena were partners who produced images form postcards, and primarily, lantern slides that showed between movies at early nickelodeons.  Edward Van Altena was the photographer, and John Duer Scott was the colorist.
This card was published by Theodor Eismann, and it's from the illustrated song series, cards that used lyrics from popular songs as the caption.  And when this card was made, that could mean either 78 RPM records or sheet music.

This card was never used.

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