Thursday, August 4, 2016

Croquet and the Olympics

Here's a fun fact.  Croquet was once an official Olympic Sport.   Croquet made it's Olympic debut at the 1900 Paris Olympics.  It's final appearance was at the 1900 Paris Olympics.  It was also the first sport that allowed women to compete.  They played against the men, and they lost.  Alas, women's croquet was, in 1900, not up to the male game.  Ten competitors fought for medals in three different classifications.  All of them French.  Croquet drew exactly one spectator.

And the medal winners:  In singles, one ball, Gold, Gaston Aumoitte, Silver, Georges John, Bronze, Chretien Weydelich.   In singles, two ball, Gold, Chretien Weydelich, Silver, Maurice Vignerot, Bronze, Jacques Sautereau.  And finally, in doubles, Gold, Gaston Aumoitte and Georges John.  There were no silver and bronze medals awarded, since Aumoitte and John were the only entrants.

Okay, I know this all sounds pretty silly, but don't forget, skateboarding is set to make its Olympics debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

All photos dated "1962."

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