Sunday, September 4, 2016

Be Careful of What You Do

I've posted a few cards from photographer De Witt C. Wheeler before.  Near as I can tell, his career was limited to taking sentimental photos used for glass lantern slides, postcards, and the Nickelodeon market.  Basically, there was dead space between reels, so one of Wheeler's images would get a minute or two of screen time to keep the audience entertained.

In addition to the brief comment penciled above the caption, there's a message on the back, "Jan 11th, 1910.  I was glad to hear from you.  Come down any time and I will give you a great time.  I am on 10-7 this week 2-10 next.  Any time you come down you will find me at Frank Harding's or the mill.  C.E.D."  The card's addressed to "Mr. Orin Delon, Solon. Me."  And the postmark, "MADISON 1910 JAN 11 8 AM ME."

There were a lot of textile mills in Maine, and a lot of the mill workers were women, so was C.E.D. a woman asking her boyfriend to come on down for a visit, or was C.E.D. a man and inviting his pal down to raise some hell?

Once again, from the illustrated song series.  Click on flirtation labels to see more, or De Witt C. Wheeler just for his photos.  And need I say it, the moon was drawn in?

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