Friday, May 20, 2016

Watching the Boys

I was born in 1955 and finished my education well before Title IX came along.  My high school had football, basketball, track, cross country and gymnastics for the boys, and basketball for the girls.  We had a little league field in town, but back then little league was for boys only.  We had a municipal pool that opened early on weekends for adult lap swimming, but that was for men only.  The local Elks Club had a golf course that any member could use, but the members were all men.  Wives could hit from the ladies tee, but only male guests could play.  In other words, girls spent more time watching their boyfriends play sports than playing themselves.   I've was never in the crowd of girls sitting at court side or the edge of the field, so I have no idea what they talked about.  Their boyfriends, something else,  or how unfair it was that they didn't get to play.

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