Monday, May 4, 2015

Early Polaroids

I admit that these aren't the most interesting photos in the collection, but I bought them because they are early Polaroids and a bit of history.   I found them in the same box, and while I can't be sure, my bet is that they are related in ways beyond technology.   The bespectacled girl in the second photo looks like she could be an older version of the girl in the top photo.  In any case, there's a similar chin shape.   As far as dating goes, these are from the peel the paper era of Polaroid film packs, which dates the camera from the mid fifties to the early sixties.  Of course, the actual film was manufactured far latter than that.

Here's a fun fact.  The peel the paper Polaroids actually had a negative.  When I worked at the photo lab, one of our customers brought in a huge bag of old Polaroid paper backings.  We soaked them in photo-flo, separated the film negative from the paper, and made conventional photographic enlargements from those negatives.  So, if you ever get a chance to go through your parents (or grandparents) old stuff, and find envelopes full of old Polaroid paper backings, you may have a treasure trove of old images.  Just remember, Polaroids were expensive cameras, and people often spent the extra money so they could make photos that they didn't want the local photo finisher to see.

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