Friday, May 22, 2015

Company Picnic

Well it looks like it could be a company picnic.  Then again, it might just be lunch hour.  I paid the exorbitant figure of 50 cents for this photo, and apart from liking the subject, I was also drawn to the building in the background.  I thought the name of the business was Watts Reality.  When I got it home and put a magnifying glass on the print, I changed my mind.  I'm still not sure what it says, but I don't think it's a real estate office from a part of L.A. that has come to be associated with crime and violence.  The fact is, I wander all over Los Angeles County, and I've been to Watts plenty of times, and it's nowhere near as bad as people think.  Get onto some of the residential streets, and it's possible to see Watts' working class roots.  I wish there were still neighborhoods in the area where a blue collar guy could buy a house.

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