Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Waterbury Paper Box Co. Wedding Album 1

I'm getting a backlog on photo albums, so I guess it's time to start another one.  I'll be following my usual practice.  Each post will be of a single album page, if there's more than one photo per page, I'll scan the page first, to show position, then each individual photograph.  If there's only one photo, I won't bother.

This album is too big to fit an entire page on the scanner.  Despite that limitation, I haven't had to break up any pages into sections.  Most of the photos in this album are 8x10 contact prints, so most of the album pages only have one photo. The majority of the pictures look like they're from the 1920s. but there are a few that aren't of that period.  Many of the photos have slight indentations around the edge of the print, indicating, that at one time they were in frames.  I suspect that this album was put together at a date well after all the photos were taken, which accounts for the mixed eras.  While some of the photos were glued to pages, most use photo corners.  A couple of pages don't have photos, but do have corners.  Weather those photos fell out, or were removed, I haven't a clue.  

There are enough pages in this album, that I won't be posting them one right after the other.  I'll post a few, move onto other things, then at some point in the future I'll put up a few more.  As far as the title of the album goes, as cheap Carny fortune tellers like to say, "In time, all will be revealed."  Really, the title of this album comes from a couple of prints near the end of the album, so be patient.  It is a virtue, as they say.

All posts will be tagged, Waterbury Box Co. Album in the labels section at the bottom of the post.  

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