Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Myself and Marcia

Not myself, myself.  Wrong age, wrong gender,  wrong country.

Written on the back, "To Kim, Love Val, NZ, 1966.  Myself 19 yrs, on the left, and my sister, Marcia (25 yrs)."  I can't think of an explanation for NZ other than New Zealand.  But, why would a friend feel the need to identify herself in a photograph?  If Val is expressing a certain level of affection for her friend Kim, wouldn't Kim already know what Val looks like?  I think I have an explanation, other than a slight touch of OCD, for that.  When I was in grade school, coincidentally, around about 1966, our school entered into a pen pal program.  We were all given the name and address of someone in a foreign country.  I can't remember who I drew or their home country, but I can remember that the correspondence lasted no more than a few letters, which was pretty much the way it was for everyone.  I think Kim and Val might have been the exception, the grade school pen pals who kept writing.  It also explains how this photo ended up in southern California.

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