Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Office Christmas Party

This one's dated "December 1951" and it looks like the typical office Christmas party.  My last employer threw a party every Christmas.  He rented a hall, hired caterers and put on quite a spread.  I went exactly once.  There was an open bar, and as a non drinker, I was drafted to  drive home those of my fellow employees who had had a few too many.  Kind of spoiled the fun.

Stamped on the back, "FINER CANDID PHOTOS, 615 W. FULLERTON AVE., BErkshire 7-2788."  Had I purchased this photo here, in southern California, I would assume that Fullerton Ave. would be the one in Fullerton, California, but It came in an envelope of prints I bought from an eBay seller from Phoenix, Arizona.

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