Thursday, July 4, 2013

More Biking In California

I do love my bike photos!

I purchased this one from the same dealer, at the same time, as yesterdays post.  They aren't the same people, but the landscape looks similar, plus, I've been to Sonoma County, so I have some first hand knowledge of what it looks like.  I can't be sure that this photo is from the same person as the last entry, but I'm going  out on a rather short limb and state my opinion that it is.

I've long known that the Russian River Valley and Sonoma County have been getaways for the well-to-do of San Francisco; they built their country houses, had their rustic weekends, and found a refuge from the cold bay area, while avoiding the heat of the central valley.  I've also been informed that, in the thirties and forties, big bands played along the Russian River.  I can imagine these people, packing up their car, driving over the newly opened Golden Gate Bridge, spending the day riding their bikes along  dirt roads, soaking in the river, then cleaning up and dancing (outdoors?) the night away to some regional, society band.   For those who could afford it, it must have been a sweet life.

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  1. But remember that there were a lot of locals dancing to the bands too, not just the SF elites. Of course Sonoma County has the elite of the elite each year during the all male Bohemian Grove. The world movers and shakers show up for a few weeks of behind closed doors meetings and frolic in the redwoods. Oh, and the hookers descend on the area too.