Monday, July 29, 2013

Brightest Star

Another postcard based on a photo by De Witt C. Wheeler.  This time, though, I think he messed up a bit.  This woman doesn't look at all dreamy and romantic.  She looks possessed.

Anyway, it wasn't mailed, but there is a long message scrawled across the back of the card,  "Dear Friend Maude, I hope you will like this it is an illustrated song.  It is hard to realize that the holidays are so near it is real warm here yet but I suppose it is cold enough up where you live.  I want you to tell me what the nearest large city is to where you live and Maude could you not send me one of your photos you told me a long time ago you had some taken if you would you would please your dear friend."

I'm thinking Quaker courtship.  There's a lot of friend this and friend that.  I hope that Maude's dear friend got his message across.  I hate to think  he went to all the effort to find the card, ask for a photo, and then didn't have the nerve to follow through.

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