Sunday, June 19, 2011

Times Square

I always like a bit of validation. I know that many of the old linen postcards had a photographic base, but it's only when there is an actual photo credit that I can be 100% sure that the image belongs on a photo blog. Ewing Galloway was a Kentucky lawyer who became bored with his profession, turned to journalism, and eventually ended up as the photo editor at Collier's Magazine. In 1920, he opened his own photo agency. It was successful enough that by 1928, he had offices in New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Galloway himself, was not a photographer. The Ewing Galloway credit on the bottom margin of this card refers to the agency. Because the agency did not keep detailed records of who took what picture, we'll never actually know the name of the photographer who took the picture that was the basis for this card. A portion of the Ewing Agency collection ended up at Syracuse University. For more detailed info go to No photos available there, but there are lots of commercial galleries selling Galloway images that can be found on line. As far as the back of the card goes. I scanned it in so I could blow it up and try and decipher some of the mess. Mailed to Cincinnati from the Grand Central Annex. Not much, but it allowed me to make a guess that there is a reference for getting home some time today. Too, I think there is a reference to having gone up in something. Perhaps the Akron, a military airship. And of course it is signed Winifred something. Maybe Blowfind. I'll bet the colorist added the airplane.

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