Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Defining Things-The Baker Family 2

How would I categorize this collection? Well, I've got some loose pages from a trashed photo album, so photo album, of course. I've got photos labeled Brighton, possibly Brighton, New York, but having been there, I'm thinking Brighton, England. I've got other images of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, so immigration, vacation, maybe multi-national. But the real telling thing for me is that some images are dated from the mid twenties and others from the mid-thirties. Boom times to great depression. What drives me crazy as a collector is that those utterly devastated by the great depression didn't take pictures because they no longer owned cameras. This is one time when snapshots don't really tell a good story. Looking at photos from the great crash to World War 2, one would think that everything was right as rain. That there were no bread lines, shanty towns, or homeless teenagers wandering the roads of America.

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  1. I wanted to comment on "Baker family 1", but my comment vanished two times.

    Ever heared about Prelinger ?