Monday, June 13, 2011

Brownies, and Not the Kind You Eat

When I was in grade school, I was expelled from the Cub Scouts for being an atheist. After a meeting with the scout master and a local minister, it was determined that I was a bad influence on my fellow ten year olds and should be separated from the pack before I contaminated them with my heretical ways. I wonder if all these young girls turned out to be the type of citizen that scouting hopes to create, or...Do we have a future member of the Weather Underground in this photo? It's dated "2/20/57" so they're the right age to have grown up to be student radicals. Future members of a commune? Drug or alcohol problems? Lesbian? In 1957 scouting would have been looking to make good, future moms and housewives, so maybe CEO, or member of Congress? Who knows?


  1. Well, I can picture this group of Brownies in a horror zombie movie where they all come out on the full moon, wielding knives and talking in monotone voices.

    But I probably say that because I'm jealous of them. More than anything I wanted to become a Brownie - first and foremost because I loved their uniforms, especially the hats. My mother disagreed with one or more of their beliefs, so she wouldn't let me join. Instead I had to become a Bluebird. Their uniforms didn't even compare.

  2. Loved being a Brownie. Still have some of my pins and badges...somewhere.

    I do not think the Brownies and Girl Scouts are as religious as the Boy Scouts have become. I believe it now has to do with the guys in Texas that run it.