Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pepsi Service Men's Center

Well, this is really irritating. Usually when I get an image that's a screened print, I can't get a decent scan, and the descreen setting, though it softens the picture, is a much better option. This time, however, I'm not really getting a clearly better result. Oh well, at least anyone who is interested in comparisons can see for themselves. This is the first of two cards I've picked up addressed to the Yorba family of southern California. "Center built and maintained by the Pepsi-Cola Company for the members of the Armed Forces of the United Nations, in co-operation with New York City Defense Recreation Committee." Post marked, "NEW YORK, N.Y. JUL 23 2-P.M. 1943." Addressed to "Mrs. Gilbert Yorba, 500 Orange Grove, Arcadia, California." And the message, "Dear Lois & Gil, Having a wonderful time. It's going to be hard to get down to business again. As ever, Herb." Interesting, during World War 2, members of the military had franking privileges with the U.S. Post Office. Basically, they could sign their names and write down their unit designation and get free postage. This card has been stamped, but it's from a military service center. Was Herb a civilian? And a final mea culpa, because this is a photography blog, I don't put up postcards that don't have a photographic base. I think this is a hand colored photo, though I'm a lot less sure than I usually am. And, I really prefer Dr. Pepper.

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  1. I wonder what the guys got "paid" for doing this. Perhaps a whole box of cards to send home with "Having a good time" written on the back. Not one female in site so I can't imagine they had a rollicking time. Pepsi and no dames.