Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dot Wenzel, World's Smallest Entertainer

In 1950, Dot Wenzel married Don Williams and began performing under the name Dottie Williams. Dot and Don were both members of Nate Eagle's Hollywood Midget Movie Stars troupe. She was a singer and dancer, billed as The Miniature Rita Hayworth. I did a search on IMDB, and couldn't find a single screen credit for either Dot Wenzel or Dottie Williams. If there are any recordings of her I'd love to hear them. Printed on postcard stock.


  1. I am her niece. She never made it into the movies. But Don was in the Wizard of Oz Dottie was a wonderful singer and entertainer. I remember going to a night club in Chicago to see her as a child.

    1. That's wonderful information. Thank you for sharing!