Friday, May 20, 2011

The German Couple

I almost didn't put up this nice studio portrait because of the prints textured surface. I had to use the descreen setting on the scanner, losing some of the sharpness. So, why is that I have so many pictures from Germany? Is it just a coincidence, or did German immigrants to the United States treasure their photographs more than immigrants from other countries? A question that will never be answered. Stamped on the back, "Foto Dickopf, das Fachgeschaft in Siegburg." I think that means Photos by Dickopf, at the department store in Siegburg. Any German speakers out there, please feel free to correct my translation.

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  1. Right so, but "department store" means Kaufhaus, something that has a lot of different goods for sale. Dickopf is a "Fachgeschäft", they are specialised in their "Fach" - field : They do photographs and related goods (films, cameras, perhaps repair, and of course they have a studio), but they offer nothing else.