Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Newton Falls, Ohio

Just so you know: My rule on postcards is that it has to have a photographic base. While it's obvious that some of the elements of this image have been added by hand, I'm reasonably certain that the original was a black & white photograph.

Addressed to "Mis F. Johnston, Springfield, Ohio, 117 Rici St." The message, "Dear Sister, I was down to mother's this P.M. & she is wondering why you don't write. Now do write to her soon as she longs to hear from yu. We are all well. Hope you are too. V." I think V must have chosen this card because his sister was spending way too much time on the Mahoning River doing whatever young ladies do on the Mahoning River. "PUBLISHED BY F. H. MATTES, NEWTON FALLS, OHIO. MADE IN U. S. A."


  1. Hi! I would like us to publish your blog info photo and description on our fb page: Newton Falls High School. The members would really enjoy this. But I don't want to just copy and paste your work.

    1. Feel free to copy and paste this image to your Facebook page. Just do me the favor of adding a link to the blog.