Monday, June 14, 2010

Don Frooks, Adult Photographer

I tried, but I wasn't able to run down anything on Don Frooks. He seems to have been a freelance photographer working the men's magazine market in the period from, what we would now think of as innocent pin-up imagery, to the more explicit Playboy and then Penthouse type of photo. The "PROOF PLEASE RETURN" marking on the front of several of these images was a common method photographers used to protect their work. In theory it would prevent purchasers from using the photographer's image without payment. In reality it wasn't much of a deterrent. A copy neg, a bit of airbrushing, and some pulp magazine publisher could have put Don's pictures in a regional magazine, not distributed in his home area, and he would have been none the wiser. Stamped on the back, "MAY 23, 1956 DON FROOKS FL.8-4554." Except for the one photo of the different woman, "FEB 25, 1959 DON FROOKS FL.8-4554." These were purchased from a dealer in Carthage, Mississippi, so Don Frooks could have been a southern photographer, but things do move about the country, so the dealers location may not be an indication of where he was from. There were three other photos in this collection that I may post one day. Those were taken much latter, probably in the late sixties to early eighties and at least two of them would qualify as true pornography. I'm not bothered by the nudity, but I'm not sure I want to risk problems with the blog host, until I've been able to find other examples of imagery of an explicit nature on Blogspot. Added: I've done a bit of research into Blogspot policies, and I've decided not to post the last three Don Frooks images. I've put a couple of nudes up on this blog, but the latter images from Frooks are pornographic, and while I don't think pornography, at least images made by and for adults, should be illegal, I understand that Blogspot may not wish to host such images. Too, there is always a dilemma about putting up such images. The two women and one man who posed for those three shots were pretty young, they are all very likely still alive, and may look upon that bit of their past as an embarrassing mistake, and who in the pre-digital universe never thought that their pictures would one day turn up for everyone on the planet with computer access, to see.

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