Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crookston, Minnesota

A small group of family photos from the Crookston, Minnesota area. Stamped on several of the mounts, the photo studio's mark, "BENSON, CROOKSTON, MINN." At fist I thought these might just be random images put together by the dealer, but on closer examination, it became clear that the people in the wedding photo were the same adults in the other images. Except for the picture of the lady with the dog, all photos were mounted. The wedding portrait is a cabinet card, the two of the woman are in the old fashioned, free standing photo folders, and the one with the kids, probably grandchildren, is in a flat mount that was once probably displayed in a frame. Normally, when scanning, I crop off the mounts, but because of the curved top of the younger version of the woman, I've included two scans of that image. Crookston, Minnesota is in the north western part of the state, near the North Dakota border.


  1. If there wasn't that shot of the lady with the dog I'd have to say these are some of the most solemn people I've ever seen. At least somebody smiled once.

  2. The photo of the confirmation class has my mother in it (center girl) and the minister of the Covenant Mission Church, Crookston, MN is Rev. Anderson. I remember him from when I was a young child. He was a fire and brimstone preacher. My Gram had this photo and one with my aunt that was similar. Thank you for publishing it. Mom died when I was 15 and there aren't many good photos of her.