Saturday, October 3, 2009

U.S.S. Wyoming, World War 1

As I noted in my post of 9/26/09, I have a number of these images from World War 1 that I think are rotogravures. Normally I wouldn't buy pictures cut out from a magazine or newspaper, but these intrigued me. Whatever printing process was used, the images are not screened. Take a close look at photos in newspapers and magazines, and you'll see tiny dots. Because of that, I knew that I could get some nice copy negs, and eventually make conventional black & white prints. I'm also interested, because in World War 1, Woodrow Wilson practically took over the media and turned America's newspaper and magazine into propaganda organs. Something that wasn't done in World War 2, or Vietnam. The first image shows both images as they appeared on the paper. The other two are separated, and a little bigger. The caption for the image on the left is, "Full steam ahead. View of the U. S. S. Wyoming." The right image is, "Coaling ship."

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