Friday, October 9, 2009

Rowing Boats

A small collection of, mostly, unconnected photos, all showing boats that are rowed. Only a few are dated or labeled. The one with the little girl, in the foreground, and mother in the background is embossed with the date, "SEPTEMBER 1941" There are two photographs that show the same, dark haired woman. In one she sits in a row boat, alone, and the other has her rowing while another woman sits in the rear of the boat with her legs up, and that one is labeled, "What's the matter grumpy?" There are two square format images of the same row boat, one with a slightly overweight man, and the other with a woman in a two piece swimsuit are each stamped, "Osisee-Drogerie, G. Loscher, SEEBAG BANSIN, Reg.-Nr. 11/1/9" There is an image of a row boat with three kids in the rear of the boat, another kid rowing and an adult man in the front of the boat is labeled, " I'm sending this one along so you can show Willie and your friends how Janc. Co cooks along the creek also so you can see Father Brown. The one boy is a Ditzler. I guess you've seen him around up there already. You know they have Katie's cottage. Mom Earl, Dick, & Fat. " And finally, there is an image of a single person rowing, with nothing else but water to be seen, "Sat. July 10th, 1948 Life Guard-Lake Erie, Peninsula Beach #2-Erie, Pa. By Leonard."

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