Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Minnie Brummond From North Dakota

The name Minnie Brummond keeps reappearing in this small collection of estate photos. The studio portrait of the lady with the lace collar is labeled "Minnie Brummond It's in a folder from "Osborn Studios, Dickinson, N.D." The lady with the rifle is labeled, "Miss Brummond," and the same lady, in the stocking cap, staring into the camera is also labeled "Minnnie Brummond." There is a portrait of two small children, with the little girl wearing a large bow in her hair. No identification, but the girl does have the same strong jaw line as Minnie. The woman in the studio portrait, wearing the large hat is labeled "Minnie's cousin Laura The man in the oval frame is "Edwin Schude." The child in the chair, outside with the fence in the background is labeled, "Sammy." Maybe Samuel, maybe Samantha. There is another studio portrait of a Small child with "CLARICE PEARL SHAFER" written on the front of the print, and written on the back, "Clarice's mother is Minnie's cousin Jenny." Once again, Minnie Brummond. The somewhat out of focus picture with the car with the North Dakota license plate is labeled "Cousins at New England, 1914." The man with the horse is "Joe Marsh." The lady with the cloche hat and the baby on the car fender is stamped, "OSBORN FILM SERVICES QUALITY FINISHING DICKINSON, N.D." The boy on the bicycle is labeled, "Bobby-Velerias 2nd boy has Donald in his carrier on Bicycle. Baby was about 10 months old then." And the photo of the people on the beach, "Taken at Pacific Beach, July 20, 1941." The older woman in the striped dress looks like an older Minnie. The jaw line and ears of the older man to her left seem to match those of Edwin Schude. Is the younger woman Sammy?


  1. Hi! I believe these are photos of an ancestor of mine! Wilhelmina "Minnie" Trantow Hehman Brummond. She came to America from German and lived in Wisconsin then for a short time in North Dakota...then back to Wisconsin before moving to the Pacific Northwest. I would love to get high res copies of these images if possible?

    1. If you click on the images they'll come up in a bigger window, then right click, save. I'm not happy when someone takes images for commercial use, but private use, no problem. I can email a larger scan, but that will take awhile. I have to dig out the photos, re-scan, etc. If you want actual prints, that will take even more time and I'll have to charge for that. It's a lot of work. Put an email in another comment if you want something that requires an action on my part, and I'll get back to you. I will be happy to delete anything with your email in it if that is what you wish.