Friday, October 9, 2009

Florida Park, Madrid Spain

I've only got a couple of these old souvenir photo folders from night clubs that still survive. Florida park was once part of a royal estate in Madrid, Spain. Donated to the people for use as a park, the building was used for several things, before being converted into a night club. For more info, go to their web sight, I purchased this in the United States, so these couples are probably American tourists, but I've got to say if I was looking for Franco, with the sun glasses, and the furs, this would be what I think I would find in fascist Spain, circa 1960. Printed on the inside, "FOTO LUIS TELS. 273 10 74, 273 10 99, 273 56 80 FLORIDA PARK" On the back of the folder, "IMPRENTE EL ARTE-FERRAZ 11-MADRID-DEPOSITO LEGAL: M. 12.599-1968" It's possible that 1968 is the date, and then again it's possible it's not.

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