Friday, December 23, 2016

Visiting the United Nations

I'm not going to write much about the United Nations.  There's a ton of written material about the U.N., both on line and in books.  The U.N. was an outgrowth of the World War 2 alliance that fought Nazi Germany and the Japanese militarists. The conference that laid out the structure of the U.N. was held in San Francisco between April and June 1945, and the actual treaty that created the institution was signed on October 24, 1945 at Lake Success, a small village on Long Island, New York.  It's headquarters has been in New York City since it's founding.  It's current building opened in 1952, and was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer.

Remember  the good old days when most Americans supported the United Nations.  I know lots still do, but those numbers are a lot smaller today.  The first photo in this column is labeled "UN TRIP AUG 10."  The second and fourth, "W L WALTER," the lady, "A M WALTER."

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