Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mildred Takes A Trip 5

Well, I did warn people that the album itself was more interesting than the handful of photos.

The top photo is of Coolidge Dam on the Gila River.  Its reservoir, used for down stream irrigation, is on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, so it's no surprise that the dam was built, and is owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Near as I can tell, the Apaches don't get a lot of benefit from Lake Coolidge.  There are boating and fishing concessions, but farm use seems to be off reservation.   When the dam was dedicated, in 1930, by President Coolidge, the water had yet to back up and fill the reservoir.  As Coolidge made his speech, with nothing but grass were the lake now sits, Will Rogers remarked, "If it were my dam, I'd mow it."

The second photo looks like a return to the Imperial Dunes in California.

I wonder if Mildred, with little more than a single roll of film from her trip, had a reason for the order of photos in her little album, or did she just paste them in as they came out of the envelope from the film lab?

I guess it's not necessary since I posted the album without interruption, but hey, click on Mildred's album to bring up the whole lot.

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