Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Making Rapid Progress

Well, this card sends mixed messages.  Don't worry darling, just in case things don't work out with you, I've got a backstop. No wonder the Taylor Art Company was so short lived.

This one was mailed to "Miss Maud Billings, 81 Cleveland St., Hamilton, Maine."  And the postmark, "BANGOR ME. APR. 21 6:30 PM '09."  And of course, the all important message, "Bangor, Ap 21, Sister, how is everything up your way? Please write soon. From Sister Mike."

More than a few of the cards in this collection use the word "Sister," and I've always assumed it was a religious greeting rather than a familial one.  I'm thinking Quakers, though I'm sure there are other sects that refer to each other as sister and brother.  The Sister Mike is kind of interesting.  Is that Mike like Michelle, or Mike like Michael Learned or Glen Close?  Perhaps a joke from a close male friend who isn't the boyfriend.

Once again, click on flirtation in labels to see more from this collection.

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