Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Lot of Hard Work

I have two of these, both mailed, both with messages.  One is addressed to "Miss H. M. Rafford, Hamilton, Me.  It's postmarked, "OURETTE, MAINE, FEB 2 AM 1909."  And the message, '1/28/09 what do you know about this is this what you wanted? Joe."

The other was sent to the ever popular "Miss Maud M. Billings, No 1. Cleveland St., Hamilton, Maine"  The postmark, "BANGOR ME. APR 17, 09, 1:30 PM"  And the message, "Saturday 17, 09.  Hollo dear, I received your nice letter.  I was very please to hear from you.  I will try and write you a letter Sunday, write whenever you have time, yours with love, A.R. Jr."  And yes A.R. did spell it hollo.

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